Launch of Folding Tutorial 101 Series on Youtube

Launch of Folding Tutorial 101 Series on Youtube

We have been listening to your feedback and have finally developed our very own "Folding Tutorial 101 Series" which would provide you instructions in folding our products with ease! 


The entire series is uploaded on Packeverything's Youtube Channel, or click here to view the following individual product tutorial.


  • Kraft Paper Dispenser and Cutter
  • Kraft Lid and Base Box
  • Mailing Box
  • Mooncake Box
  • Large Shoe Box
  • Takeaway Wine Box (3 Bottles)
  • Takeaway Wine Box (6 Bottles)
  • Shoe Box
  • White Cake Box
  • 6 Bottles Packing Box


Unable to find the tutorial for a product? Fret not! We are currently working on producing a second series to include more challenging products! Do feel free to also email us at if you need instructions in folding our products! 


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