5 Reasons why Sustainable Packaging is Beneficial for your Business

5 Reasons why Sustainable Packaging is Beneficial for your Business

Sustainability is a big word. It has been largely emphasised as the world becomes more aware about climate change. But do you know what sustainability actually means? Or how to employ it in your business? 

According to the UN, the three pillars of sustainable development are: economic viability, social equity and environmental protection. To break that down, we want to look at cost-effective, accessible and eco-friendly products. 

At Packeverything Singapore, we recognise the importance of sustainable product development, and we want to help your business get started on this track too! Let’s dive into 5 reasons why you should choose sustainable packaging for your business, and how it may be a good investment in the long run!


1) Meet growing consumer demand

According to a report by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), 95% of Singaporeans expressed that they would be inclined to purchase a product that has sustainable packaging. This shows that more consumers are growing aware of their consumption habits, and are doing their part to fight climate change. Every successful business develops their strategy from the core of the consumer’s interests. Catering to the needs of your consumers is a powerful way to grow your business and retain your customers.


2) Practise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Businesses hold huge power in their hands. Did you know that the ‘Carbon Majors’ research found that 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to 100 companies? Compared to an individual, businesses have a greater impact on the environment, and change has to be made now. 

One step in reducing your carbon footprint is a big deal - and you can even improve your brand perception while doing so. Implement environmental initiatives as part of your company’s CSR efforts, and one way you can do that is to use eco-friendly packaging! 

At Packeverything, we carry products that are 

  • Made out of recyclable materials
  • Are 100% recyclable
  • FSC-certified

What’s more, you get greater peace of mind buying FSC-certified products, helping to make the world a better place!  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) signifies that the paper is from responsibly managed forests. Check out what we offer here!


3) Reduce costs by optimising your packaging

Adopting sustainable packaging also means that you package your product according to their size! When excess packaging material is used, it becomes wasteful as it does not serve a meaningful purpose in protecting a product. Here is a useful consolidation of examples from Packhelp that will help you visualise wasteful packaging more clearly.

Did you know that Ikea managed to save a total of $1.4 million per year just from downsizing their packaging for one sofa? Especially as the world is recovering from the economical impacts of COVID, this shows that your business has the potential to cut costs when you review your packaging options.

Remember that packaging isn’t just a box. Wrapping your product can be an excellent cost saver too! Here are some products we recommend from the shelves at Packeverything:




Kraft Paper in Sheets form, fit for a variety of uses.



Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser and Cutter to make organising packaging products easier for your business! Two-in-one storage and cutting function in just one product.


4) Build Brand Loyalty

People like brands that are proactive. A brand that cares about current affairs, like the issues of climate change, can establish good rapport with their group of existing and potential consumers. Be in the know now, and show that your business is not an ignorant one. This comes with talk, and action. Bring your business great success in the long run, by ensuring that you have a big pool of returning customers!


5) Grow ahead of time

Adopting environmentally-friendly processes is a growth strategy for your business. Plan for the future, and be ahead of your competitors. The world is zooming in on how fast climate change is taking place, and many environmental policies are up in the air. In particular, you can be a part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, and drive the nation’s work towards a sustainable future! The government will introduce a new Enterprise Sustainability Programme, to help enterprises, especially SMEs, embrace sustainability and develop capabilities in this area. By developing a sustainable business structure, you get to benefit from such policies in the near future.

Power up your brand by delivering high quality products at affordable prices. Simply because being eco-friendly does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Want to learn more about sustainable packaging? Visit www.packeverything.com.sg and see how we can value-add to your business today!


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