Recreating Our 3 Favourite Packaging Looks

Recreating Our 3 Favourite Packaging Looks

You’ve probably seen blogs on recreating celebrity fashion, but have you seen blogs on recreating packaging looks? 

If you’re a small business, listen up! You can create trendy, innovative and personalised brand packaging easily with our bestsellers. Not only is this a great way to connect with your audience, you can also grow and expand your reach above and beyond! This is the secret edge you’ll have over your business competitors.

We, too, love the idea of simple and exquisite product packaging for a low cost. So let’s dive into how we reinvigorate your favourite Pinterest packaging ideas using our very own products from the Packeverything Superstore!


1. Studio 25 Jewellery’s Product Packaging

To assemble this look, we gathered these products:


2. Classic Gift Bags

We recreated this with a more funky outlook, and here are the products you’ll need:


3. Wrapped Gift Packaging

Create this simple gift packaging look using these products:


Spice up your brand by introducing exquisite product packaging. What’s more, you can get them at competitive prices. The world is your oyster with Packeverything. We can empower you with the power of unlimited imagination and creativity; mix and match from our huge range of products to get just what you want. Start enhancing your brand’s appeal and win over your customers with our products today! 


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